Original Music by Gergely Ittzés

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Extended Circles – Roaming in the realm of polyphonic flute playing (2012)
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Vision Pit – Music for one, two and four flutes by Gergely Ittzés (2013, 2018)
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The Great Book of Flute Sonatas Vol.1-7

Vol.1 The 18th Century – J.S. Bach, C. P. E. Bach, Händel, Mozart
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Vol.2. Romantic Sonatas – Donizetti, Kuhlau, Reinecke, Karg-Elert
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Vol.3 French Music – Devienne, Gaubert, Mouquet, Pierné, Poulenc
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Vol.4 Impressionism – Jongen, Pilati, Pijper, Ravel
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Vol.5 Soviet and Hungarian Works – Lajtha, Taktakishvili, Denisov, Prokofiev >Learn more

Vol.6 Czech and American Works – Schulhoff, Martinu, Feld, Muczynski, Liebermann >Learn more

Vol.7 The 20th Century Western Europe – Bowen, Dubois, Andriessen, Jolivet, Hindemith >Learn more

Solos. 20th century Hungarian Music for Flute  (1999) HCD31785
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Karg-Elert: Late-Romantic Impressions (2000) HCD31925
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„The works may seem to be overvalued due to the understanding and committed interpretation but we have a definite impression that they have a beautiful awakening from their Sleeping Beauty dream, having been so rarely played before. As we listen to them, we feel we have become richer, we have been given a gift.”
/Gramofon, Budapest, July, 2000/

„Gergely Ittzés strikes me not only as a very accomplished and expressive flute player, but also as a highly intelligent and commited musician. […] … an impressive and convincing performance which reaches every corner of tonal and dynamic spectrum, arresting the listener and leaving one in no doubt as to the composer’s intention. […] It is rare to hear such great music, and to hear it played with such autority and passion makes this disk a definite ’must-have’.”
/Pan, London, June, 2002/

Pierre-Max Dubois: Chamber Music with Flute (2004)
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Walckiers: Chamber Music with Flute (2008) HCD32562 
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Boccherini: Flute quartets and Quintet with strings and oboe (2011) HCD32695
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Released at FONTRADE

Violin Works on Flute (2001) FTM0016
Bach, Mozart, Paganini, Dohnányi, Bartók –

“Gergely Ittzés admits to being an envious flautist. Not only because of the repertoire, but because the violin is richer in overtones, and in range of timbre and dynamics. But then his extraordinary playing […] is so full of astonishing overtones, timbre and dynamics that you wonder whether his envy is justified.[…] … the Paganini is a virtuoso adventure into the unknown. How does he cope with the double-stopping? […] The effects here are truly amazing, and it is often hard to believe that there is only one flautist playing.”
/Pan, London, June, 2002/

TeTraVERSI Flute Quartet (2006) Fictive Memories >Learn more

Flute for Four (2007) FTM0044 >Learn more

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Ittzés plays Newman (2013)
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6 Concertos by Anthony Newman
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Newman: New Music for 2020 – Concerto for flute and strings >Learn more


Sári, József: Mill of Time or the art of Canon (1999)
Fonó Records FA-053-2
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Aleksander Tansman 2nd International Competition (2018) Muzyka Polska, Acte Préalable 0017  >Learn more

Multiple Ego / Többes Én (1996) >Attached CD to the book Ittzés Gergely, fuvolás  Íves könyvek 11. 1996 >Out of print

Franz Doppler: Works for Flute (1997) CD Pannon Classic PCL 8001 
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Talizmán in Concert (1993) CD Tandem Records TR-HSJ 2003
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Stormy Silence (2018) FMRCD532-1218
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Karszt (2016) SLAMCD550
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Tönk (2010) SLAMCD521 >Learn more

Sivatag – Szilárd Mezei Ensemble (2008) CD CS 115 >Learn more

Jungle (2011)
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Concerto for Flutes (2017)
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Szépliliom fájdalma / Beautiful Lily’s Sorrow (2010)
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A Z​ö​ld K​í​gyó és a Sz​é​p Liliom / The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily (2010) Listen to the CD at Bandcamp. >Learn more

Ülő bika / Sitting Bull (2006)
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As a guest chamber musician Gergely Ittzés plays on the following CDs:

Jean-Louis Beaumadier: Sweet Dream
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Jean-Louis Beaumadier & Friends – L’Oeil du Cyclone – CD 2022, Skarbo >Learn more

F. & K. Doppler: The Complete Flute Music Vol.9 – CD 2018 Capriccio
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Cage: Works for Percussion Vol.6 – CD 2011 Hungaroton, HCD 31849
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 Christmas 2014, István Széchenyi University, Győr – selection (Mike Mower: Concerto for flute, 1st mov.) DLCD379

Carl Reinecke: Sextet – CD 2005, Hungaroton HCD 32277 >Learn more

Dukay: Over the Face of the Deep – CD 2001, BMC 052 >Learn more

Gyöngyössy Zoltán – CD 2002, BMC 74 >Learn more

Eötvös: Psalm 151, Psy, Triangel – CD 1999, BIS 948 >Learn more

Battuta: Nünüke esete – CD 1998, Binder Music Manufactury BMM 9802
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Makám: Café Babel – CD 1997 Fono Records FA-029-2
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Emil Viklický: Duets – CD1997, Lotos 0052-2 0531
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Emil Viklický: Homage to Josip Plečnik – CD 1996, Lotos 0036-2 131 (with Magdalena Koženával)  >Learn more

Milan Slavický: Chamber Music – CD 1996, Matous 0051-2-931
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Ligeti and Kurtág at the Carnegie Hall. UMZE Ensemble, cond. by Péter Eötvös – CD 2011 BMC 162>Learn more

Young Composers Group – CD 1995, Hungaroton
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Szemző: The Conscience – CD 1993, Leo Records LR 185
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Hidemith: Die Junge Magd – CD 1995 European Mozart Foundation
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Cassette Tapes:

  • Lelkes állatok: Na mi a helyzet? – MC 1997
  • Talizmán: The Birth of Silence – A csend születése
  • Talizmán: Dawn Dance – Hajnali tánc
  • Ittzés: Just a Tube. Five etudes – Öt etű