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The Flute Expedition (2022) – Edition Schott (2022) Coming soon (see separately)

Multiphonic Sound Poems – Akkord Music Publisher, (2008, 2020) A-1137

L’effet Doppler (1994), 
Projections (1993),
Circles (1999),
 Zhuang Zi’s Dream (1992), 
Sound Poems No.1-3. (2001), 
Ballad (2007) 


Solo Espresso. Fantasy-caprice for piccolo (2017) – Akkord Music Publishers (2022) A-1230 >On youtube

Mr. Dick is Thinking in Terms of a Blues-Pattern – Private edition, 2003
>Order  >On Youtube

Two Breathtaking Flute Duets – Private edition, 2007 >Order

Just a Tube. Five etudes for flute – Trio-Art Music, 1994 >Order

Spare-time Duets (2023)

 >On Youtube


Totem (2011) Falls House Press
Commissioned by the National Flute Association for the Young Artist Competition held at NFA convention, Las Vegas, 2012 >Order
 >On Youtube


Further four compositions by Ittzés are included on the DVD-Rom FLOUBLE:

C-A-G-E Fantasy & Fugue (1991)

Double-Raga (2012) >On Youtube

Canon from the Deep for three flutes (1996)

Flute-Variations (1997) for bass flute, alto flute, C flute, and piccolo >On Youtube   Available in pdf


Original music was composed and recorded by Gergely Ittzés for the short film Visitation by Gizella Neuberger. >On Youtube

Other compositions (to purchase contact the composer)

A Most International Flute Festival. Variations and theme for a versatile flutist (2015) >On Youtube

Koans for two flutes (1993,1996)

Spare-time Duets (2022) – coming soon, distributed by EMB


Gergely Ittzés has made numerous transcriptions for flute solo, flute and piano, and flute quartet. Many of them are available in print or can be purchased in PDF format.

Never Enough of Bach Vol.1

Two Sonatas for flute and keyboard BWV1017 & 1028


Never Enough of Bach Vol.2

Two Cello Suites BWV 1007 & 1008
Solo Sonata in C minor (G minor) based on violin sonatas BWV 1001/1003 >On Youtube))
Partita in E minor based on violin partitas BWV1002/1004/1006 >Order

Never Enough of Bach Vol.3

Sonata in B minor for flute and keyboard BWV1014 >On Youtube
Partita in C minor for flute and keyboard (organ) BWV997 


Dohnányi: Sonata in C# minor Op.21 >Order  >On Youtube

Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances >Order   >On Youtube

Haydn: Six Pieces for Musical Clocks (three flutes) >Order

Vivaldi: Concerto in C for Piccolo and flute quartet >Order

Hangok mindenhol laknak
The 2nd volume of the pedagogical book “Hangok mindenhol laknak” (Sounds live everywhere) is a collection of many little pieces for beginners including Ittzés’s seven unconventional arrangements of children songs for flute and piano.




Paganini: 8 Capriccios No.5,9,16,17,20,21,22,24
>On Youtube I.   >On Youtube II.   >On Youtube III.   >On Youtube IV.

Bach: Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig BWV768 for flute quartet (fl/picc, fl/picc, afl/fl, bfl)

Praetorius: Ein Feste Burg for flute quartet (fl 1-2, alf or fl, bfl or afl) On PDF

Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro – overture for flute quartet (3 fls, afl) >On Youtube

Beethoven: Romance in F for soloist and flute quartet >On Youtube

Flute quartets at Akkord Music

Bach, Boismortier, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Strauss, Satie, Kodály, Joplin, Ellington, Parker >Learn more


Anton Pfeiffer (Antal Siposs): Fantasy on the Themes from the Opera Benyovszky by F. Doppler – Billaudot 


Works by József Sári published by Akkord Music

Sári: Six Concert Pieces – A1191 >Order

Sári: Happy Birds for piccolo and six more solos for flute – A1258 >Order

Sári: Novellette No.8, Epigraph, Birdsong at Sunset – A1223 >Order

Sári: Canons for Homogeneous Instruments (trios and quartets) – A1201 >Order

Sári: In Memoriam E.T., Praeludium for two flutes >Order

Gyöngyössy: Duos and Trios >Order


Bach: Three sonatas for flute and basso continuo (edited and continuo realization by G. Ittzés)
J.S. Bach: Sonata in C Major BVW1033
J.S. Bach: Sonata in E minor BWV1034
J.S. Bach: Sonata in E Major BWV1035

Sári: Mtha-Yas-Pai Lam for 8 flutes and cello solo

Sári: Praeambulum for flute, clarinet (or two flutes) and string quarte

Cadenzas for Mozart concerti by G. Ittzés

Grieg: Sonata in F Major Op.8 (only flute part, transcribed by G. Ittzés)

Mendelssohn: Concerto in D minor (only flute part, transcribed by G. Ittzés)

Praetorius: Ein Feste Burg (transcribed for flute quartet by G. Ittzés)